Strange Bedpersons – Jennifer Crusie


Romance and humor is such a happy combination. This is how life should be: you laugh all the time, surrounded by the people you love.

I liked this book. Tess and Nick felt like two real individuals. This isn’t a book where two people meet and fall in love. These are two people who have met, fallen in love but find that may be love isn’t enough. They find their way back to each other and this story is about them adapting to the other, of making their relationship work, about giving their love another chance.

There were plenty of funny scenes in the book and I enjoyed them greatly. I thought Tess in general was hilarious. She’s had an unusual upbringing and has unconventional life philosophies and is no doubt the most entertaining of the lot. The scene near the end, the Drunken Dinner as I like to call it was hysterical. All those forks dropping and insult swapping, older, drunk ladies and genuflecting waiters. I was confused for most of it the first time I read it, but it was the nice kind of confusion. The I’m-laughing-but-I’m-not-sure-why confusion. Good times.

I usually love the secondary couple; may be because theirs is the side story, with not as much page-space and that makes me more hungry for little tidbits about them. Gina and Park were cute, but predictable. Gina was sweet and naive, and Park was – well, I thought Park was a total douche. Can we not forget that he would have been perfectly willing to juggle two women – if not more – at the same time, hoping that no one would find out about the other? He chose her in the end, but the entire time that they were getting to know each other, he was seeing other women! Bad, bad Park.

There is one character that I really, really like in the book and that’s Christine. She is The. Bomb. She is insightful, unconcerned, gorgeous, fashionable and extremely talented. She is the perfect woman. I so, so want to be like her.

Jennifer Crusie has a wonderfully warm, pithy style of writing that makes her characters so much more realistic and relatable. I’m definitely checking out the rest of her books.

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