#2 Social Media diss

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Kind reader, let us give your eyeballs a quick exercise. I want you to throw a speedy glance all over the page you’re reading – yes, take in the Menu at the top and also the Widget Sidebar to your right – and tell me if you can spy a little bird icon anywhere. Or that omnipresent “F” representing the “book” I don’t like. You won’t find anything because I lost their custody in a swift, no-mess non-divorce with Social Media. You know what I got in return? Time, knack of talking to myself and the ability to look up while walking or sitting at a restaurant instead of burying my nose in my phone.

I hate it when people who sit at a table with friends or family or colleagues are more engrossed in their phones than the people around.

Social Media and I had a very brief, disappointing affair a long time ago and we decided – mutually, of course – to forget about each other and pretend it never happened. I have held up my end of the deal beautifully – I deleted (yes, permanently) my Face”book” account, my Instagram account and refused to acknowledge the presence of Snapchat. I moved on and – I suppose, since we’re no longer in touch – so did Social Media.

People are shocked. They often repeatedly ask me the same thing (You’re not on Facebook?) despite my answer being the same at all times. It’s not that I am an introvert of a very high degree or that I have no friends at all. Nor am I a career criminal who’s trying to lay low. I just find it a waste of my time and energy and after the first few minutes of exciting navigation through the newness of it all, I am bored. My decision to abandon this particular ship was a quick one and I have never regretted it since.

I started this blog because I wanted to write. I wanted to write for me and to say what’s on my mind about the things I enjoy doing. Of course, there is a part of me – a big part, to be honest – that wants other people to read what I write. I want it to be acknowledged, appreciated, enjoyed. But in order for that to happen people need to know that it exists and while I may not like to admit it, Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool to make that happen.

This question bothered me a lot in the initial days of my blog: Should I just go back? I consulted a friend I met on a trip once – she had studied Social Media Marketing – and she was super excited about the whole thing. She thought that I should go all out and create accounts across all social media apps so that she could “easily” help promote my blog. She made it sound so easy and more importantly, so necessary.  With no Facebook, no Instagram, no Tumblr, no Pinterest, she was convinced I was at a gross disadvantage.

I almost gave in. Almost. I thought about it a lot and realized that not much had changed since I turned my back on Social Media. I still have extremely low patience for it, no spare time and no inclination to waste my energies – or hers – behind this endeavor. In the end, we compromised – one social media platform. Twitter. Out of all the options, I felt that the one which puts a limit on the number of characters would be the least cumbersome. Given the desperate and often pathetic tweets I send out, I doubt it’s making much of a difference.

What’s your relationship with Social Media? Any skeletons rattling in that closet? Do share.

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6 thoughts on “#2 Social Media diss

  1. I am on Facebook and I follow magazines, blogs, and other writers and photographers there. It acts as a content collator for me. I ensure that my timeline is full of content that I would love to read. Over time, I think Facebook has understood my taste and doesn’t bring any nonsense to my notice. On the flip side, Facebook also builds a wall around me by reinforcing existing opinions. It surrounds me with stuff that I like and acts as a massive echo chamber. Here is an interesting example:

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    1. That is an interesting thought. When I was on Facebook, majority of what I got was the popular “trends” that everyone was following and because I’m not much of a follower of the same, it was all spam for me. I know there are pages and features that would provide more of what I like, the negatives outweighed the positives, for me.


  2. Are you sure that you and social media have mutually separated. Coz you still use WhatsApp to circulate it and of course your blog is available electronically. I think you can state that you have curtailed the use of social media to use only the beneficial part of it. Coz nowadays the audience is there available on social media so you may have to use it one way or the other

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    1. Correct. I stopped using the more popular social media platforms because I perosnally felt that my time was not spent productively there. However, as stated in the article, I do realises​ that what with blogging and all, I do need it for getting my content across to people. So I have picked the least cumbersome ones. WhatsApp is still a limited access platform because I can reach those people I already know but not masses, per se.


  3. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t “like” social media. I stopped using Facebook 4 years ago, got back to it last year, then decided to stop again. Same goes for Twitter. I even tell myself I’m quite sure I forgot how to use Twitter because I’ve abandoned it for so long after excessively using it 24/7 a fewyears ago. When I read from some blog posts that social media (especially Twitter) is great for promoting my blog, i was a bit scared because I had no idea how to start a new account and what to post on it.

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    1. Right? When I was reading up on tips and tricks for a successful blog, I found social media EVERYWHERE. And I almost gave up hope. But I gave it a shot anyway and *I* think it’s going well so far. But I don’t have anything to compare it with so I don’t know 😉

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