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My mother, unable to contain her excitement, erupts loudly, “Vivek has become the BRAND AMBASSADOR for Adidas!!”

I stare at her.

“Isn’t this EXCITING?!? His photos are everywhere! Pammi is so proud. We all are!” My mother nearly shouts. “Let’s call him and wish him congratulations!”

Vivek – one of my many cousins – has always been passionate about acting. He’s constantly going for auditions and vocal tests, getting professional headshots and networking. He even quit his job so he could focus on acting lessons. Initially, everyone always inquired – never unkindly – how his dream had been coming along. Until he stopped showing up.

So if Vivek did land something like this, then it is a HUGE deal.


See, I know a thing or two about mothers. Every mother in the world has been known to blow out of proportion her child’s triumphs while publicizing them to the world and beyond. More so when said children are known to provide little opportunity for such bragging rights. Then it falls unto the mother to milk that one instance for all it’s worth. And then some.

Last summer when I was working as an intern, my mother told everyone I was the Assistant Editor for a top literary magazine. There is a WORLD of difference between Assistant Editor and assistant of the Editor, but mothers simply cannot be expected to understand that.

Mine didn’t even get the name of the magazine right.

I unlock my phone and pull up the Google search engine. If there are photos everywhere, I’ll surely find them online. But before I can type a word, my phone starts vibrating in short, rapid bursts and messages flood the screen.

Something has woken The Beast.

Relax, that’s the name of our group chat. Siblings and cousins only (minus Vivek. He left the group around the same time he stopped coming to the family gatherings). That means, most importantly: No Parents.

You’ll find here cold, hard facts, ugly truths and honest opinions only.


family2 - Copy (2) - Copy

family2 - Copy (2)

family2 - Copy (3) - Copy

family2 - Copy (4) - Copy.png

Okay, so he’s modeling for Adidas. Which is absolutely great, if you ask me.

It’s just …. you know …. NOT BRAND AMBASSADOR.

I snicker and type in my response in The Beast.


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