#2 Social Media diss

Social Media and I had a very brief, disappointing affair a long time ago and we decided – mutually, of course – to forget about each other and pretend it never happened. I have held up my end of the deal beautifully – I deleted (yes, permanently) my Face”book” account, my Instagram account and refused to acknowledge the presence of Snapchat. I moved on and – I suppose, since we’re no longer in touch – so did Social Media.


#1 (Don’t) Judge a blog by it’s design

Well, it hasn’t been long since I started this blog and things are already behind schedule.

Let’s see. I planned to write at least 1-2 book reviews each week. I even enlisted the help of trusty ole excel to help me keep track of the abundant content I would, no doubt, be flooding my blog with. My blog wouldn’t know what hit it. It turned out to be partially true: my blog didn’t know what hit it because nothing did.